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Zero Higashida (b.1958, Hiroshima, Japan) received a BFA in sculpture from Nihon University and an MFA in sculpture from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Interested in the symbiotic relationship between strength and nurturing, Higashida uses formal strategies of scale from the massive to the infinitesimal to convey  interconnection on an atomic level. His sculpture embodies the Japanese notion of chiritori: the planet's power to heal and restore itself.

Higashida’s stainless steel sculptures, both rough and gestural, asymmetrical and balanced, bring the viewer to an understanding of the continuum between the microscopic and the macroscopic. His surfaces are replete with ragged edges, and suture-like wounds slice the planes of his forms. Favoring a state of precarious equilibrium, he tends to balance his energetic forms on beveled edges and sharp points, creating a sense of weightlessness  and movement. Higashida’s process consists of controlled chaos and an obsessive attention to detail.
Since graduating Zero Higashida has had solo exhibitions at Kouros Gallery, New York (2010, 1997, 1994); Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo (2009); Galley G, Hiroshima (2008, 2007); Robert Steel Gallery, New York (2005, 2003); Contemporary Sculpture Center, Tokyo (1999);Atagoyama Galley, Tokyo (1995); and Philippe Staib Gallery, New York (1991).
The Artist’s work is represented in a number of private and public collections including the Bunri University of Hospitality, Japan; The John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art Sarasota, Florida; Grounds for Sculpture, New Jersey; Okazaki Mindscape Museum, Japan; College of Staten Island of the City University of New York, New York; and Edward Franklin Albee III, New York.Welding Technology Information Center of The Japan Welding Engineering Socity ,World Heritage Miyajima Misen Daisho-in.

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